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finally got off my ass and passed the hat

mrb555666, Dec 29, 11 11:47 PM.
hiyas bastards...if you've been on surely you've seen me on a new toon smaking the training dummy for hours.  since I suck and am prone to disappear for weeks or months at a time I passed the crown to Syx (Lilo, gacrux, etc.).  Nothing against any of the diehard folks that have come along for the ride (and stayed) ever since the S&M days, just Syx is the one I know best.  Didn't want to have the guild go the way of S&M (remember the long absent Bael...) and figured Syx is on about 100 days for every week that I get on. 
Keep on Trucking Bastards!!!  See y'all in game (here and there, RL gets me, but I always come back, lol).

Mike (aka Vhen and alts)

My Comp stinks!!!!

mrb555666, Sep 13, 11 7:56 PM.
Hiyas all.  Just want to check in with y'all to say my comp sucks, mouse is shot and I need to upgrade!  Still log in daily.  I know I am a shitty Guild Leader while Fitz is gone, trying to get swinging with retirement, family and shit lappy's.

Fitz at NTC

mrb555666, Sep 2, 11 8:47 PM.
Hiyas all, Fitz is gone for about a month.  And he dropped the star on me to look after things while he's doing the RL thing.  Drop me a message if you have any concerns.  I am now officially on Terminal Leave for retirement so I am in and out of game all day long.

Good Questing to all and to all a good run!

Wednesday's deadline

SnailPowered, Aug 29, 11 11:56 PM.
In an effort to assure that everyone's hard work is not wasted we are going to be utilizing this web page a lot more to determine active players. If you are going to be gone for a more than a week please send a message to me to let me know. You can send me a message in-game through the mail, through the messaging system here or post on the forums here. As of today we only have 17 registered members here and according to DDO we have 41 accounts in the guild. I know that at least 3 of the 17 registered users here are in another guild so unless we get more people to sign up here and update their characters the guild will most likely be shrinking immensely Wednesday night. I hope to see everyone in game and to help those that I can to have a good time! Take care and have fun all!


SnailPowered, Aug 2, 11 1:48 AM.
I have been working in my crafting. I can now make things that levels 1-6 might possibly want. If there is something you want feel free to start a wanted thread on the forums, send me a message in game, or post it in the wanted section. Hopefully this will encourage people to use this site more as well!
    I know that some people are doing crafting as well, I'm not the only one. But the reason I want to be able to craft is so that I will be able to make things for the guild. If you don't want to craft but think you might want something crafted drop me some essences. The more essences I get the faster I can level! Above all, have fun! That's why we're here!
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